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Climate Change
and Greenhouse Gas Management

As the climate change debate and private sector market solutions have been evolving, Sequence has been at the forefront working with clients throughout the world to expand their staff expertise in this arena, and to provide strategic advice and implementation support for programs that protect the stratospheric ozone layer, as required under the Montreal Protocol and other government requirements (e.g., U.S. Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, Regulation (EC) No. 2037/2000). 

The vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is a real risk.  We have already seen changes occurring throughout the world such as melting glaciers and sea levels rising, animal habitat changes, growing seasons expanding, ice on rivers and lakes freezing later and breaking up earlier, and an increase in the quantity of precipitation and severe storms, hurricanes, and extensive drought conditions.

To ensure a sustainable future, there is a great need to understand climate change and to manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in ways that protect the planet from further degradation and change while promoting economic stability and growth.

Leading recruiter for the climate change industry.

As climate change issues emerge, and public and private sector markets introduce new solutions, Sequence has been leading the way offering clients around the world unparalleled expertise recruiting the foremost experts to meet the demands of this fast-growing industry.  We are the premier executive recruiting and staffing firm committed to providing employment solutions to the construction, engineering and environmental industries worldwide. 

Sequence is recruiting and placing personnel with clients that require specially trained talent to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the latest scientific, technical and socio-economic information to gain a full understanding of the risk of human-induced climate change, its observed and projected impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation.

Experts in climate change and ozone protection issues.

Because of our pioneering efforts in this field, our teams of recruiters are well versed knowing and understanding the evolving climate change industry sector’s best practices, most effective policy options, least costly mitigation options, and the credible management strategies to combat GHG emissions, as well as the impacts of using assorted strategies. 

Sequence recruiters possess exceptional technical depth and historic experience in the climate change and ozone protection field.  They know the players; the movers and shakers.  Because of their expansive industry network, they know where the leading talents are and how to obtain the best and the brightest climate change professionals for your organization.  

Our recruiting philosophy, methodology and recruiting practices adhere to the highest standards and ethics in the industry.  It is why Sequence is able to carefully screen and put forth only the most qualified candidates who are eager to make a difference in your organization. 

Sequence’s placements are the world’s leaders.

We have successfully recruited and placed leading industry experts and professionals who are developing cutting-edge climate change technical and policy analyses, identifying viable market solutions and building practical, real-world management tools. 

Today, these professionals lead their firms in analyzing GHG emissions reduction programs, and impacts, vulnerability and adaptation programs.  They are well equipped and trained to evaluate the availability of technically and economically feasible alternatives to ozone depleting substances (ODS) by performing critical analyses to assess the health, safety, environmental, and economic impacts associated with ODS and their alternatives. 

Our placements have greatly benefited and enhanced the environment of our clients with their exceptional knowledge, skills and expertise, coupled with timely, high quality productivity.  At Sequence, we have developed our core practice areas recruiting and placing personnel in the following arenas:

• Carbon Market Assessment and Management
• Climate Change Management Strategies
• Emission Inventory and Carbon Footprint Management
• GHG Mitigation Policy Analysis and Reductions
• GHG Policy and Management

We offer a full suite of HR services.

Sequence can meet all of your personnel needs, from filling individual positions to recruiting and staffing entire practice groups, for both small firms or for global corporations. 

We recruit and staff executive, management, administrative and field-level personnel for temporary and temporary-to-permanent jobs, and for direct-hire positions throughout the climate change sector worldwide.  We also offer short and long-term temporary contract placements, outplacement services, long-term recruiting in addition to contracting a full range of HR services. 

Because climate change and global warming are very complex, evolving issues, the personnel we routinely recruit and place in this field include, but are not limited to: 

• Air Quality Analyst
• Atmospheric Scientist
• Carbon Manager
• Climate Change Analyst
• Climate Change/Carbon Services Manager
• Climate Change Consultant
• Climate Change Practice Group Leader
• Climate Change Professor - Teacher
• Climate Change Project Manager
• Climatologist
• Ecologist
• Economist/Social Development Specialist
• Emission Trading Manager
• Energy Practice Director
• Environmental Attorney
• Environmental Data Analyst
• Environmental Economist
• Environmental Meteorologist
• Environmental Monitor
• Environmental Planner
• Environmental Sampling Technician
• Environmental Scientist
• Forester
• Geoscientist
• GHG Accountant
• GHG Auditor
• GHG Consultant
• GHG Policy Analyst
• Glacial Geologist
• Hydrologist
• Lobbyist
• Meteorologist
• Modeler
• Natural Resources Manager
• Oceanographer
• Paleoecologist
• Public Affairs Manager
• Public Relations Manager
• Radiation Protection Technician
• Regulatory Compliance Manager
• Renewable Energy Manager
• Renewable Energy Specialist
• Senior Climate Change/Air Quality Director
• Stratigrapher
• Sustainability Analyst
• Sustainability Manager