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As a technical expert, you need more than a boilerplate corporate resume. Your career needs and goals are very clear and concise.  This should be reflected in your resume by conveying, specifically, your industry specializations, certifications, project history and employment record.  Your resume should also highlight the projects and expertise which will be most relevant to a future employer.

We understand what you need for your presentation and we will work with you individually to create a resume package specifically tailored to you.  As a technical expert, Sequence will target your resume towards your personal technical discipline or we can create a more generic resume for general solicitation of employment outside your specialty to advance your career or make a strong lateral move in an organization.

Sometimes there is a need for a different sort of presentation of your credentials.  If you are seeking a position within the research and scientific fields related to environmental consulting, a Curriculum Vitae (CV) can also be an essential tool for you to use, especially if you are credentialed and have written extensively, have accomplished research, scholastic activities or a specialized skill set as demonstrated in a project list.  If this is the case, Sequence will prepare a stellar CV that amply exhibits the credentials you have earned in your field of endeavor.

Sample Resume & Cover Letter
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Prices and Ordering

The Technical Expert products are designed for professionals with 3+ years of experience or specialized skill set.  To review and purchase online any of the Technical Expert Packages offered please use the shopping cart below:

All packages include three distribution formats (Professional, ASCII and PDF).

Technical Expert Package

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Technical Expert Deluxe

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Technical Expert Resume

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Technical Expert Cover Letter

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Technical Expert Follow-up Letter

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