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This course is designed to assist employers in identifying and fulfilling their responsibilities for posting certain records, maintaining records of illnesses and injuries, and reporting specific cases to OSHA. 

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to identify the OSHA requirements for recordkeeping.


  • Recognize the importance of OSHA recordkeeping and reporting. 
  • Identify the workplace actions that are in compliance with the OSHA recordkeeping and reporting requirements. 
  • Distinguish between OSHA recordable and non-recordable cases. 
  • Apply the appropriate procedures for determining if a case is OSHA recordable. 
  • Determine the appropriate category for a recordable case. 


  • Purpose (of the rule)
  • Partial Exemption
  • Size Exemption
  • Industry Exemption
  • Recording Criteria
  • General Recording Criteria
  • Forms
  • Covered Employees
  • Annual Summary
  • Retention and Updating
  • Change of Ownership
  • Employee Involvement
  • Prohibition against Discrimination
  • State Plans
  • Fatality/Catastrophe Reporting
  • Providing Records to Government Representatives

Please see the state/regulatory requirement from the course catalog page to see if this class meets your regulatory requirements. This course has been approved for 1 hour.

This course includes individual quizzes, which must be passed with a 100% score to proceed forward to the next lesson. Additionally, the final exam must be passed with a minimum of 70% to pass the course. The final exam can be taken three times, if necessary.