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NEC Grounding & Bonding

The focus of this course is to cover proper electrical safety protection and the proper grounding of electrical services, raceway systems, and equipment as regulated by the 2005 National Electrical Code.


  • Advisory Board and General Powers and Duties
  • License requirements
  • Define electricity and its characteristics
  • Discuss the generation and transmission of commercial electricity
  • Describe how current flows
  • Explain the fundamentals and elements of a circuit
  • Know the difference between resistive and inductive loads
  • Understand the relationship between transformers and loads
  • Explain why electrons seek and use earth ground as a path back to the source of electricity
  • Name the reasons for grounding electrical systems
  • Define fault current
  • Identify transformer voltage potentials from schematics
  • Discuss NEC grounding requirements
  • List NEC-approved grounding 
  • Describe proper methods for connecting grounding electrode conductors
  • Define bonding and describe methods of bonding
  • Discuss NEC requirements regarding equipment grounding
  • Select and size equipment grounding conductors according to NEC requirements
  • Recognize methods of equipment grounding