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Workhorse 1T

Workhorse 1T is a secure web based compliance management tool that will centralize all your OSHA and DOT compliance.

It provides an affordable way to manage data, and tools for running a profitable operation while meeting federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.

Features of Workhorse 1T:

  • Preventative maintenance scheduling for vehicles/equipment 
  • Employee and driver qualification files management 
  • Drug and alcohol testing 
  • Tracks training scheduled and completed 
  • Compliance management reporting produces 45, 30 and 15-day notification letters on company letterhead (Alerts are emailed each Tuesday)

Modules in Workhorse 1T

  • Employee Module includes: Demographics of employee, Driver qualification, Training, Notes, and Reporting
  • Equipment Module includes: Demographics of each piece of equipment, License/Tags, Preventative maintenance/service records, Usage, and Reporting