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Analyzing Financial Statements Advanced 

This 1.5-hour course examines financial statements in detail, including components of a balance sheet, their calculations, and the effects of transactions on the balance sheet and the income statement.

Students should have some prior understanding of financial statements before taking this course.


  • Understand the main components of a financial statement,
  • Identify measures of liquidity, risk of bankruptcy, and asset coverage.
  • Recognize the effect of transactions on a balance sheet, from asset sales to stock splits and dividends.
  • Understand the principle components of an income statement.


  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Components of the Balance Sheet
  • Lesson 2: Balance Sheet Calculations
  • Lesson 3: Effects of Transactions on the Balance Sheet
  • Lesson 4: The Income Statement

Please see the state/regulatory requirements from the course catalog page to see if this class meets your states regulatory requirements. This course has been approved for 3 hours.

The final exam must be passed with a minimum of 70% to pass the course. Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to print your certificate online.