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General Safety- Materials Handling for General Industry- Advanced  

This course is designed for workers who are interested in learning about safely handling and storing materials.

Topics include improperly handling and storing of materials, potential accidents that may occur from unsafe or improperly handled equipment, improper work practices, and recognition of methods for eliminating or at least minimizing the occurrence of those accidents.

This course covers the topics included in OSHA 29 CFR part 1910.176-184 Subpart N.

  • Understand the general regulations of materials handling and storage
  • Learn the proper procedures for servicing rim wheels
  • Outline the safety requirements necessary for powered industrial trucks
  • Recognize other forms of material handling equipment covered under Subpart N
  • Lesson 1 Introduction to Materials Handling and Storage
  • Lesson 2 Industrial Handling Equipment
Please see the state/regulatory requirement from the course catalog page. This course has been approved for one hour, and requires no prerequisites.

This course includes individual quizzes which must be passed with a 100% to proceed forward to the next lesson. Additionally the final exam must be passed with a 70% to pass the course.

The final exam can be taken up to three times if necessary