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Electrical- General Building Manual  

This course will provide individuals working in "hands-on" technical jobs with a better understanding of the theoretical principles on which their everyday activities are based.

This course is intended for technical administration, purchasing, and inspection personnel, also any non-technical individuals who must work with technical documentation and/or interact with technical personnel.

It also helps individuals who are unable to travel, or have only limited time periods to dedicate to training.


  • Understand Ohmís Law, electrical power and related calculations
  • Distinguish between the different electrical testing Instruments, their forms, usage and relative reading units
  • Know about electrical wires; their types, sizes, color codes and proper usage
  • Be aware of the guideline summaries of NEC sections that are often covered in the "B" trade exam
  • Identify electrical symbols
  • Understand electrical abbreviations
  • Know the 2003 Supplement


  • Ohm's Law
  • Electrical Power
  • Electrical Testing Instruments
  • Electrical Wires
  • National Electrical Code
  • Electrical Symbols
  • Abbreviations
  • 2003 Supplement

Please see the state/regulatory requirement from the course catalog page. This course has been approved for two hours, and requires no prerequisites.

This course includes individual quizzes which must be passed with a 100% to proceed forward to the next lesson. Additionally the final exam must be passed with a 70% to pass the course.

The final exam can be taken up to three times if necessary

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion.