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Control System Engineer

Control system engineers are an integral part of the engineering, environmental and construction industries.  The field of automatic control and systems engineering developed rapidly during the latter part of the 20th century, but the foundations were laid during the first half of that century and some important theoretical work was done during the 19th century.

We have discovered over the years that control theory is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and mathematics that deals with the behavior of dynamical systems. The desired output of a system, called the reference, and when one or more output variables of a system need to follow a certain reference over time, a controller manipulates the inputs to a system to obtain the desired effect on the output of the system.

Control systems engineers possess a broad understanding of engineering principles and a working knowledge of other related disciplines to define system architecture.  This requires judgment in the independent evaluation, selection, and substantial adaptation and modification of standard techniques, procedures and criteria to support development of system architecture and objectives by performing preliminary sizing analysis and transient/steady analysis for systems using system simulation software tools. 

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At Sequence we understand that although control systems of various types date back to antiquity, a more formal analysis of the field began with a dynamics analysis of the centrifugal governor, conducted by the physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1868. 

Here hes described and analyzed the phenomenon of "hunting", in which lags in the system can lead to overcompensation and unstable behavior. This generated a flurry of interest in the topic, during which Maxwell's classmate Edward John Routh generalized the results of Maxwell for the general class of linear systems.  Independently, Adolf Hurwitz analyzed system stability using differential equations in 1877. This result is called the Routh-Hurwitz theorem.   

A notable application of dynamic control was in the area of manned flight. The Wright Brothers made their first successful test flights in 1903 and were distinguished by their ability to control their flights for substantial periods (more so than the ability to produce lift from an airfoil, which was known). Control of the airplane was necessary for safe flight. By World War II, control theory was an important part of fire-control systems, guidance systems and electronics. The space race also depended on accurate spacecraft control. However, control theory also saw an increasing use in fields such as economics.

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