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Demolition is a niche industry and Sequence brings a high level of knowledge and experience to support a wide variety of demolition activities and initiatives for our clients through recruitment and placement of highly capable staff, management and executive level personnel.  We are well versed in the varied undertakings of demolition activities for both total and selective demolition. 

While a small niche industry, demolition work is extremely complex and often requires highly specialized expertise in planning, estimating and execution. It also requires an understanding of hazards and a firm commitment to safety and environmental precautions.  This can include everything from selective demolition of retail and commercial locations to total demolition of large scale industrial facilities or use of explosives for implosion of large structures.

Job assignments cover a range of general support and organizational personnel who assist in and support undertaking and management of internal operations; the apprentice or journeymen trade personnel and heavy equipment operators who execute hands-on tasks; project managers who oversee and direct operations; site inspectors and safety personnel who ensure work is completed to specifications; the planners and engineers who lay the groundwork for projects; and senior executives and key decision makers who manage and run demolition organizations.

Working with varied client organizational structures and goals, we constantly strive to assist in the integration of human capital and client undertakings. This approach allows us the flexibility and creativity to match client needs and requirements to individual personnel traits and abilities.

Professions in this field we routinely recruit include:

 Asbestos Abatement Manager
 Hazardous Materials Remover
 Assistant Project Manager
 Assistant Superintendent
 Assistant Supervisor
 Business Development Manager
 Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
 Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
 Chief Operating Officer
 Demolition Estimator
 Demolition Project Manager
 Demolition Project Engineer
 Demolition Superintendent
 Demolition Supervisor
 General Demolition Laborer
 Safety Director