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If your organization is looking to employ an economist/social development specialist, you can find skilled candidates for your economist/social development specialist job by contacting Sequence Staffing, the leading staffing and recruiting agency in the climate change and greenhouse gas management fields.

When you partner with Sequence as your executive search and staffing agency, we go to work helping you find the most qualified economist/social development specialist candidates, those who can become assets to your organization. We combine our expansive network of industry contacts with our in-depth knowledge of the climate change field to become effective and efficient recruiters for you.

We recognize the important work of economists and social development specialists. These professionals research, assess and predict the socioeconomic effects of climate change on farming communities or other pastoral communities primarily dependent on land and natural resources. These specialized economists practice a complex science that must take into account food losses caused by both farm land lost to settlement and by changing weather patterns over the past 50 years.

Economists and social development specialists have extensive experience in the environmental field, with increasing responsibilities in developing and managing projects related to climate change, carbon management and sustainable/renewable energy. Their field links research on human aspects of climate change with research on climate forecasting, impacts, adaptations and policy issues.

Empower your executive search effort today by contacting Sequence Staffing, the leading staffing and recruiting agency in the climate change, construction, engineering, environmental and light industrial fields.

Sequence leads in recruiting social development specialists.

We are an experienced staffing agency, with more than 15 years as the leader in recruiting for economist/social development specialist jobs and other positions in the core industries responsible for building and maintaining the earth's natural resources, environment and infrastructure.

As an executive search agency, we find the right solution for every staffing need, from recruiting for individual climate change jobs to staffing entire practice groups, for small firms or global corporations.

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  • We're committed to professionalism. Our recruiting philosophy, methodology, and practices match the industry's highest standards for a staffing agency. We always carefully screen and present only the most talented candidates for economist/social development specialist jobs.
  • We're connected. Our experienced recruiters have developed deep roots in the climate change field and a broad network of contacts within the industry. These connections give us the inside track for recruiting the top talent.
  • We're in contact with you throughout the recruitment process. Our executive recruiters begin by talking with you to assess your business needs and to specify the job requirements and responsibilities. Our communication process helps clients like you come to treat us as a trusted business partner and an essential resource.
  • We close the deal. We help you when you're ready to make an employment offer. With Sequence as your staffing partner, you can ensure clear communication during this crucial last step in staffing.
Sequence can provide your staffing services.

We offer a wide range of staffing and recruiting services, as well as many HR functions, tailored to the climate change sector and the personnel needs of your organization.

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