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Forensics / Litigation Support

In legal proceedings, a case is only as strong as its evidence.  And whether that evidence is strong depends, in large part, on the work of forensic specialists.

Our efforts at Sequence support a wide variety of forensic and litigation support activities and initiatives for our clients.  Many construction and development related projects often face lawsuits or other legal action that make use of forensics and litigation assistance.

Forensics is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to the legal system, usually done by a scientist who testifies as an expert witness.  This often comes into play when dealing with protected species or habitats.

One thing all forensic specialists have in common is that their work is connected to the law in some way.  These workers might have a background in life sciences, engineering, construction, demolition, environmental mitigation, or a number of other fields.  Although their specialized knowledge and job titles vary, all forensic workers have expertise related to a legal issue or case. 

Many large companies have attorneys on staff, but there is special knowledge needed to deal with environmental or development legalities.  Attorneys who deal with these issues must be familiar with the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts, Superfunds and the National Environmental Policy Act, as well as state and local regulations.

Forensic workers apply scientific or other specialized knowledge to questions and issues related to the law.  Their job duties fall into two basic categories: analyzing evidence and acting as expert witnesses; some concentrate primarily on one of these tasks, although many do both.  Always, it is important to select forensic specialists who can present their findings in clear, concise ways often complex, technical issues to judges, juries, attorneys and others. 

Professions in this field we routinely recruit include:

 Civil Engineer
 Construction Inspector
 Consulting Engineer
 Environmental Sampling Technician
 Expert Witness
 Forensic Engineer
 Public Relations Specialist
 Soils Engineer
 Structural Engineer