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August 21, 2008

Sequence Launches Global Survey on Needs of Greenhouse Gas and Climate Change Workforce – a first of its kind international workforce assessment

Roseville, CA – Roseville, CA – Executive search and staffing firm Sequence Staffing and the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute announced today they’re launching an international survey, “The Greenhouse Gas/Climate Change Workforce Survey” to assess the workforce needs of the emerging greenhouse gas and global climate change industries. 

“This is a first-ever worldwide survey to evaluate workforce requirements for greenhouse gas (GHG) and climate change professionals.  The demand for high-level personnel in this field is dramatically increasing with new protocols, laws and regulations being developed for tracking carbon emissions at state and federal levels,” said Sequence Vice President Frank DeSafey.

The ever-growing demand for highly skilled and trained professionals is unprecedented and understanding the needs of the industry to meet this demand is critical, according to DeSafey.  “If we can’t measure our greenhouse gas emissions, we can’t manage global climate change,” said Michael Gillenwater, dean of the GHG Management Institute. 

As private sector market solutions have been evolving, Sequence has been on the forefront providing clients with strategic advice and personnel for programs measuring emissions, protecting the environment and evaluating climate impacts resulting from global warming according to DeSafey.

“Like Al Gore’s The Climate Project , Sequence is helping to raise the awareness of our clients about this crisis and informing them about potential solutions so that all of us, together, can preserve the climate balance on which our planet depends,” he added. 

“We’re currently interviewing Nobel laureates, leading scientists, consultants, gas emissions accounting personnel and economists for clients requiring technical expertise in this evolving, innovative field.  This survey will aid us in learning what workforce needs and concerns are for leading professionals in this field and will provide keen insight for the future course of our recruiting needs,” said DeSafey.

Sequence, a premier executive search and staffing firm for the environmental, construction and light industrial industries, is dedicated to supporting the core industries responsible for building and maintaining the nation’s infrastructure, natural resources and environment.  For more information, go to: www.sequencestaffing.com. 

The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute is the world’s leading nonprofit organization on training and education related to GHG emissions.  They partnered with Sequence because of their reputable experience specializing in recruitment of niche scientific and technical professionals in the environmental sector.

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