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Outplacement Services

At Sequence, our outplacement philosophy is based on the belief that we can best serve a displaced employee by truly understanding their unique situation.  To accomplish this, we provide each individual with the personalized one-on-one attention and support they truly need:

  • Personal time with a professional career counselor;
  • Skills, personality and projected performance assessments;
  • Career coaching;
  • Effective, professionally produced resume and cover letters;
  • Resume posting on the top online career sites;
  • Electronic or physical distribution of their resume to key decision-makers that do hiring. 

Beyond the simple mechanics of outplacement, we are able to bring significant resources to the table in regards to assisting with the actual process of helping a displaced employee find employment.  Because our team of highly skilled, experienced staffing professionals specializes in the construction, environmental and light industrial industries, we are able to focus job search efforts or match these candidates with the right organization that can best utilize their talents. 

Keeping abreast of our core industries gives us an edge-up on the competition in meeting your outplacement needs.