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Recycling and Crushing Operations

Sequence has been in the forefront supporting an array of recycling and crushing operations activities and initiatives for our public and private sector clients through recruitment and placement of highly capable staff, management and executive level personnel.

After the construction or demolition of a structure there is a large amount of building material that remains. Construction and demolition waste generally consists of concrete, asphalt, wood, fixtures, rebar, metals, drywall, roofing and glass.  Much of this material can be recycled and used in the construction of new structures. 

There are different recycling and disposal requirements for different building materials and it is important to handle and transport construction waste according to federal, state and local regulations.  Much of the concrete can be recycled after it has been crushed at a crushing facility.  These facilities accept only uncontaminated concrete, which must be free of trash, wood, paper and other such materials although metal can remain since it can be removed with magnets during the crushing process. 

Professions in this field we routinely recruit include:

 Business Development Manager
 Demolition Project Manager
 General Laborers
 Heavy Equipment Operator
 Operations Manager