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Philosophy fi lóssəfee, noun, (1) examination of basic concepts (2) school of thought (3) guiding or underlying principles (4) set of beliefs or aims. 

People hire people.

At Sequence, we understand that people hire people, and that at the end of the day, organizations are in essence large groups of individuals working together towards common goals.

A company can be viewed as a living, breathing entity made up of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of workers; skilled and experienced individuals carrying out, managing or strategizing key tasks.  We have a strong appreciation of the nuances of human elements and their relation to employment requirements that need to be weighted in every search.

Candidates are more than paper resumes or workers; they are craftsmen, scientists, innovators, and in many cases, artists of their trade.  People are the most important element in the success of every business.  And, we recognize people as individuals with unique skills, abilities, experience and backgrounds.  Each brings something special to their employer.