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A Long Term Business Partner 

As an employer in the environmental, climate change, engineering, construction, or light industrial field, you know the nature of the work and difficult demands often placed on organizations in your industry.

In these industries, an organizationís reputation and the ability to obtain future projects and business is based on an outstanding track record of successful accomplishments.  One of the important factors that affect your ability to complete projects and build reputation is obtaining talented, experienced and trustworthy personnel.

At Sequence, we are committed to building long-term partnerships with your organization.  We constantly strive to understand your business, your goals and your evolving strategies for the future.  We work to customize our service offerings and solutions to your organizationís needs and long-term objectives.

Sequence partners with the most well-known and respected industry employers.  From large multi-national corporations to regional and local organizations, we know the players and the lay of the employment landscape.

What does this mean to you?

It means that through a partnership with us, you have the inside track to obtaining the industry's most talented and brightest personnel to meet your ongoing staffing needs.

We can provide personnel across a spectrum of positions in your organization.  Whether for entry or executive level, temporary or permanent placement, we provide customized search and recruiting solutions to address all facets of screening, training and employment.  Sequence offers an extensive array of staffing solutions to fit your specific needs.