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Every company has a need for financial management. The size and sophistication of the financial management team will vary from company to company depending on its size, complexity and industry, but every company has a need for:

• Record-keeping and accounting
• Preparation of financial reports
• Systems and procedures
• Financial planning and budgets
• Financing and cash management
• Asset protection
• Tax preparation

At Sequence, we understand the variety of skills and experience required for your financial management team to make a positive contribution to the success of your company. We know the job descriptions of every member of the team, and we know how each one must interact with the other team members, as well as with the rest of your organization. We also understand the importance of specific experience in your industry.

While all companies’ needs are not exactly alike, and responsibilities may be distributed or combined to suit the organization, the financial management team will typically include the following positions:

Chief Financial Officer / CFO
 The CFO is responsible for the overall financial management of the company, and directs and coordinates the activities of the team. Positions reporting to the CFO typically include:

• Controller
• Treasury
• Financial Planning
• Internal Auditing
• Information Technology

The controller is responsible for ensuring that all transactions are accurately recorded, and for preparation of financial reports that comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and with any other requirements of regulatory or tax authorities.  The controller is also responsible for preparing reports and analyses that help the company to run its business effectively.

Positions reporting to the controller will include:

• General accounting
• Accounts payable
• Accounts receivable and credit management
• Cost accounting
• Tax preparation
• Bank reconciliation
• Internal controls

The treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the company has sufficient funds to carry on its daily business, as well as to undertake any special projects or new business activities. This requires careful forecasting of cash needs and maintaining positive relationships with lenders and other sources of financing.  The treasurer is usually responsible for insurance and other risk management policies to protect the company’s assets.

Financial Planning
Financial planners work with the other executives in the organization to develop detailed operating budgets, and will review actual results against the budgets to help find opportunities for profit improvement.  Financial planners work closely with the treasurer to forecast business activities in the short and long term.  They will also provide careful analyses of the financial impact of new business projects or initiatives.

Internal Auditor
The internal auditor provides an independent check on the activities of the controller’s department, to ensure that systems and procedures are in place to ensure the accurate recording and reporting of all of the company’s activities.  They also review the activities of other operations, inside as well as outside the financial department, to find more efficient and effective ways of doing business and protecting assets.

Information Technology
Identifying, acquiring and maintaining the technology needed to operate the company in the most effective and strategic manner generally falls under the responsibility of the financial management team.  This requires team members who not only have the necessary knowledge of the technology, but also a deep understanding of the company’s operations and future plans, and can work effectively with the operating executives.

Sequence has the knowledge and experience necessary to recruit each of the members of your financial team. Positions we routinely fill include:

• Accountant
• Accounting Manager
• Bookkeeper
• Budget Analyst
• Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
• Controller
• Cost Accountant
• Credit Manager
• Financial Analyst
• Financial Planner
• Internal Auditor
• Project Accountant
• Tax Accountant
• Treasurer