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Requirements to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are evolving rapidly throughout the U.S. and the world. Already, more than 30 states have either established or proposed legislation to define GHG targets and reporting requirements. An effective corporate and government carbon strategy must include carbon policy analysis to guide forward planning within a dynamic legal, regulatory and financial climate. Likewise, senior executives must have the proper tools to guide future technology investments and carbon management programs.

Sequence supports an array of GHG policy and management activities and initiatives for our clients through the professional recruitment and placement of highly capable staff, managment and executive level personnel. 

We are especially noted for recruiting GHG policy and management professionals with unparalleled expertise in the full range of targeted policy and technology based strategies for GHG emissions mitigation, including market-based mechanisms, demand-side management, energy efficiency programs, renewable and distributed generation, and clean power technologies.

Experts in this sector often use system resource optimization modeling to analyze multiple policy scenario outcomes. The modeling typically examines a range of policy and technology based options targeted to reduce GHG emissions—supplemented by practical experience with policy and regulatory regimes throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States—so that policy makers and corporate executives are assured of realistically achievable market and technology solutions.

Sequence assists clients by recruiting the finest talent with expertise in GHG strategy and policy analysis, and who possess sustainability initiatives with a range of information management tools to assess carbon baseline profiles, track energy and carbon usage, monitor key performance indicators, formulate GHG reduction goals, and apply cost-effective, highly accurate M&V processes for determining GHG reductions.

The leader recruiting climate change professionals worldwide.

At Sequence, we understand the vital importance climate change professionals have in the construction, engineering and environmental industries.  We are the premier executive recruiting and staffing firm committed to providing employment solutions to these major industries throughout the world. 

Sequence has been in the forefront recruiting and staffing in the climate change sector.  We witnessed its boom at the turn of the 21st century.  Stimulated by new interpretations of data, widespread acknowledgement in the scientific community and a new level of public acceptance worldwide, along with new government legislation, policies and programs, the climate change industry is destined to grow immeasurably over the next decade, much as the information technology industry emerged in the 1980s. 

Count on Sequence for all your recruiting needs. 

At Sequence, we know and understand the technical and professional nuances of the climate change vocation.  Perhaps your requirements might include a need for a senior level climate change project manager or an entry level carbon credit accountant.  Whatever your personnel needs are, you can depend on Sequence to meet them for you. 

Our team of highly skilled and experienced recruiters and staffing experts has broad climate change industry experience.  Their expansive industry network means they know where the finest talent is and how to obtain the best and the brightest climate change and carbon credit professionals for your organization. 

The Sequence recruiting philosophy, methodology and recruiting practices adheres to the highest standards in the industry.  It is why Sequence is able to carefully screen and present only the most qualified candidates who are readily available to make a difference in your organization. 

Take advantage of our full array of HR services.

Our expert recruiters and staffing professionals can meet all of your personnel needs, from filling individual climate change jobs to recruiting and staffing entire practice groups, for both small firms or for global corporations. 

We recruit and staff executive, management, administrative and field-level personnel for temporary and temporary-to-permanent jobs, and for direct-hire positions throughout the climate change industry worldwide.  We also offer short and long-term temporary contract placements, outplacement services, long-term recruiting in addition to contracting a full range of HR services. 

With such a diversity of applications, there is a nearly endless list of climate change sub-specialties. Many of these specialties are vital to the clients we serve and require highly skilled expertise in planning, design and execution. 

Among the professions we recruit:

• Climate Change/Carbon Services Manager
• Climate Change Consultant
• Climate Change Practice Group Leader
• GHG Policy Analyst
• Modeler
• Renewable Energy Manager
• Sustainability Manager