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Career Counseling / Coaching

If you occasionally feel your professional life is not moving forward as it should, then you should consider the career counseling and coaching services of Sequence.  Why?  Because our team of highly skilled career professionals can help provide you with a direction and purpose for your career path. 

We specialize in helping professionals at all levels of experience find the right career, develop top-notch personal marketing materials, polish interviewing skills and deliver results.  We will help you demonstrate why you are the best candidate and position you for the job with proven techniques that will separate you from the rest of the field. 

After all, you want more than a job.  You want opportunity, professional growth and development, and a satisfying career that fulfills your dreams and aspirations.

An advocate for your career.

If you are wondering about the future of your career, if you are facing uncertainty about it, or simply do not know at the moment what you want to do, then now might be the right time for you to seek an advocate for your life transition, especially if you agree with any of the following:

  • Your interests, ideas and perceptions are different now than when you began your career.
  • You have grown frustrated and are looking for more value in your professional life.
  • More than once, you have considered seeking a new or different career.
  • You are not sure how best to formulate and achieve your career goals.
  • You have no idea how your current skills are transferable to a new career.
  • You feel the need for a trusted and experienced advocate who can help you identify and guide you through the career transition.

Let us help you.  We offer career coaching, job search strategies and interviewing skills for professionals in the construction, environmental and light industrial industries.  Together, we will define what you need to do to start or reactivate your career, change professions or re-enter the workforce.

Career Counseling and Coaching

Working together, we help you discover your true career passion, providing a guide toward career fulfillment.  This supports a more balanced life, validates what matters most to you, helps keep you focused and on track toward your professional goals, and provides a sense of fulfillment in your working life.

Our specially trained professional counselors will coach you on an individual basis, either personally or on the phone, to discover solutions to make both your work and personal life more complete and balanced.  We will challenge you to more clearly define what winning in life means and having the courage to meet those challenges. 

What does this mean for you?

  • More confident career decisions.
  • Confidence to deal with outplacement or other personal challenges in uncertain economic times.
  • Better balance between family and work.
  • Motivation to advance a career to the next level.
  • An improved current job situation or the confidence to make a job transition.
  • Motivation to proactively design or redesign your professional life.
  • Better insight to understanding your potential to seek the right career.
  • Assurance that you what you are doing today will pay professional dividends tomorrow.
  • Strength and courage to take charge.
  • Increased potential for career growth and future earning power.

No longer are just the top executives using career coaches.  Today, you too have access to a team of career professionals that will work closely with you to achieve your personal goals. 

At Sequence, we will work with you weekly to keep the process moving forward and to keep you on track.  We will ask questions to make you think; help you set practical, achievable goals; challenge you to go for the gold; and provide clarity and objectiveness to your ambitions, aspirations and goals.  Your coach is your counselor and partner in going after the life you know you want and can accomplish, personally and professionally.   Your coach helps you hold yourself accountable for your life and to make sure you sincerely strive to achieve your potential.

Executives, managers, and downsized professionals or even mature adults entering or re-entering the workforce need career and job guidance.  To make a successful change, you need to develop the tools and techniques for the career search, the job search and the right position for you.  Whether employed, unemployed or underemployed, the tools of the trade, properly presented, can make a huge difference.

Through skills assessment tests and career evaluations, we can determine your unique abilities and interests.  When you decide upon a career, we will work with you to outline a plan of action to help you realize your dreams. 

If your needs include a resume and cover letters , we will professionally produce these specifically for you.  Before you go to the interview, we will thoroughly prepare you so you will stand out from the others and win the job of your dreams. View our canditate interview guide.

At Sequence we help you every step of the way with a comprehensive portfolio of services dedicated to providing you with the tools for career success.

For more information about how Sequence can personally help you with your career plans, please contact us at:

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