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Sequence has developed an aggressive recruiting methodology, resulting in the creation of an extensive pool of available professionals throughout the country.  This network of qualified personnel, developed through years of networking, job fairs, interactive online recruiting, advertisement, national referral programs and local industry contacts, have given us the ability to know who is seeking a new position, who is looking for temporary work or who is simply keeping options open for new opportunities.

We are usually the first to know when an individual is seeking a new opportunity, enabling us to staff projects in a relatively short period of time with qualified, local personnel.  We also have the network and resources to reach out and find hidden or passively searching candidates that would not normally be available to you as an employer.

Sequence’s methodology and staffing process for placing personnel is designed to obtain the most talented individuals available to fill each position.  While the specifics of the process vary for every employer and individual position, the groundwork of the methodology includes:

  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of the employer’s business, organization, goals and strategies.
  • Meeting with the hiring manager and key decision-makers to clearly understand the qualities, experience and traits believed to be critical in potential employees within the organization.
  • Defining in detail the specifics of the position requirements and responsibilities.
  • Researching, networking and promoting the position through employment channels.
  • Identifying and screening qualified candidates meeting the overall profile.
  • Pre-selecting the most viable candidates who meet the profile.
  • Submitting the most viable candidates to the hiring manager and assisting in the interview and feedback process.
  • Contributing to the decision-making process.
  • Providing information critical to creating a winning offer.
  • Close on candidate and follow-up on process.

We prefer to be as involved as possible in the process of recruiting, interviewing and closing on candidates with our clients.  Depending on the nature of the position, we often sit in with clients on interviews and participate in the process of hiring candidates.  In these cases, not only are we able to help ensure that the process moves forward effectively, but we also get the opportunity to learn much more about the client and their organization.

Over time, our clients tend to look at us not just as a resource and asset to their organization’s hiring efforts, but as a trusted partner.