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People Hire People

At Sequence, we understand that people hire people, and that at the end of the day, organizations are in essence large groups of individuals working together towards common goals.

A company can be viewed as a living, breathing entity made up of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of workers; skilled and experienced individuals carrying out, managing or strategizing key tasks.  We have a strong appreciation of the nuances of human elements and their relation to employment requirements that need to be weighted in every search.

In the niche industries we service, there is often a general lack of very skilled personnel available.  In many cases, there might simply be a handful of available personnel with the unique skills and requirements needed to fill a position with your organization.

The candidates we recruit are more than paper resumes or workers; they are craftsmen, scientists, innovators, and in many cases, artists of their trade.  People are the most important element in the success of every organization.  And, we recognize people as individuals with unique skills, abilities, experience, and backgrounds.  Each brings something special to their employer.

With a long history of successful accomplishments, relationships and networks, we have developed a keen ability to identify and locate the right personnel rapidly.  And, because of our niche industry focus, we are aware of special industry-specific considerations and knowledgeable of the most up-to-date employment standards and practices.

Key to our philosophy is knowing your people, organization, needs and your industry, as well as assessing and matching the skills, abilities and makeup of the individuals we are recruiting on your behalf.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced staffing professionals specializes in the construction, environmental and light industrial industries.  We are fully focused on our client’s needs and strive daily to obtain a better understanding of your people, organization and ongoing efforts.

Following breaking industry practices, news and trends is critical to us and enables us to maintain a solid understanding of the ever changing challenges and opportunities facing your organization.  This insight and investment in intellectual capital is paramount to why we are able to find candidates of the highest caliber – the right person for the job. 

Conversely, many individuals are generally qualified for opportunities, but not all are the right match or would find themselves a good fit in every organization.

The success of our business is built upon meeting your needs.  By aligning ourselves with you, the service we provide becomes a critical element to your growth and prosperity.  It is also made by working to understand individuals and striving to have an ever growing understanding of their abilities, skills, attributes and aspirations.

That is why we strive to build long-term partnerships and relationships with organizations and people.

You can be assured that every search is important to us.  Your organization is important to us.  And people are important to us.  We approach every engagement committed to the highest standards and conduct our business activities in the same open, honest and ethical manner as you would your own.