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Search and Screening

Before we refer them on for your consideration, we thoroughly screen potential candidates to ensure all of our personnel are of the highest quality and match your requirements.  We pre-screen every candidate through a series of telephone and/or face-to-face interviews, reference/credential checks and training compliance inquiries.

Depending on the nature of the work and position, we require each candidate to complete a detailed phone interviewing process and/or meet us in person to review all their qualifications and skills.  Candidates must also provide us with a detailed employment history and references for an in-depth confirmation and review of their experience and background prior to hire.

We are more than a referencing or prospecting service.  We serve as an extension of your own hiring efforts, reducing the work and time required to find and qualify personnel.  In many cases we will send to your attention one or only a handful of very qualified individuals that match specifically to the unique requirements of your opportunity.

Additionally, over time we often come to know our client organizations as well as their own personnel working in-house.  With many of our clients, we learn the nature of their undertakings, goals, and visions for the future and corporate culture so well that we can simply look at an individual’s background and speak with him or her briefly to quickly ascertain whether or not that person would be a good match.