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An ever growing engineering field is the acoustical engineering practice.  These specialty engineers are experts in controlling, isolating and mitigating structure-born, equipment-generated, and environmental noise and vibration, and optimizing acoustical performance. 

Acoustical engineers are typically concerned with how to reduce unwanted sounds, how to make useful sounds and using sound as an indication of some other physical property.  To do so, they perform the most up-to-date diagnostics and engineer optimal solutions.  Whether you are looking to accentuate desirable acoustics, control reverberation, isolate a sensitive space, or minimize noise intrusion, acoustical engineers perform a valuable service to the construction, engineering and environmental industries.  

A leader recruiting in the acoustical engineering field. 

We have been in the forefront recruiting and staffing in the acoustical engineering field. At Sequence, we know and understand the vital role acoustical engineers have in the construction, engineering and environmental industries. We are the premier executive recruiting and staffing firm committed to providing employment solutions to these major industries around the world. 

The 20th century saw a burgeoning of technological applications for a large body of scientific knowledge.  Perhaps the first modern such application was architectural engineer Wallace Sabine’s groundbreaking work in architectural acoustics, from his felt-covered acoustical correction of the Rhode Island House of Representatives to his role in the influential design of Boston’s Symphony Hall. 

Likewise, sound recording and the telephone played important roles in a global transformation of society.  Sound measurement and analysis reached new levels of accuracy and sophistication through the use of electronics and computing.  The ultrasonic frequency range has enabled wholly new kinds of applications in industry, and new kinds of transducers are being invented and quickly put to use.  Today, the acoustical engineering field is exploding with the advent of rapidly emerging electronic developments. 

Countless subfields have been created as we have perfected our understanding of the underlying physics of acoustics.  In fact, there are 17 recognized major subfields of acoustics established in the Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS) classification system.  These have been grouped into three domains: physical acoustics, biological acoustics and acoustical engineering.

At Sequence, we have focused on the niche acoustical engineering domain: architectural acoustics, environmental acoustics, ultrasonics, and room acoustics. 

Let Sequence find your next acoustical engineer.

Knowing and understanding the technical and professional nuances of the acoustical engineering vocation is paramount at Sequence.  Our team of experienced, highly skilled recruiters and staffing professionals has broad industry experience.  They know the acoustical engineering field. 

Their expansive industry network means they know where the finest talent is and how to obtain the best and the brightest for your organization.  Our recruiting philosophy, methodology and recruiting practices adhere to the highest standards in the industry.  It is why Sequence is able to carefully screen and present only the most qualified candidates who are readily available to make a difference in your organization. 

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Sequence can meet all of your personnel needs, from filling individual acoustical engineering jobs to recruiting and staffing entire practice groups, for both small firms or for global engineering, construction and environmental corporations. 

We recruit and staff executive, management, administrative and field-level personnel for temporary and temporary-to-permanent acoustical engineering jobs, and for direct-hire positions throughout the engineering sector worldwide.  We also offer short and long-term temporary contract placements, outplacement services, long-term recruiting in addition to contracting a full range of HR services. 

With such a diversity of applications, there is a nearly endless list of engineering sub-specialties with which Sequence has experience. Many of these specialties are vital to the clients we serve and require highly skilled expertise in planning, design and execution.


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