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Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing engineering and industrial engineering are titles frequently used inter-changeably. However industrialization has changed since the 1970s with globalization, the outsourcing of production, and the growth of the virtual corporation.

As a result, industrial engineering has begun to focus more on the external dynamics of industrial processes, such as: process management, project management, logistics, human factors, and labor relations; while manufacturing engineering remains focused on the internal dynamics of industrial processes, such as: machine tools, materials science, tribology, and quality control.  While there are many sub-disciplinary components that feed into industrial processes, manufacturing engineering can be further defined through a taxonomy of manufacturing processes.

Sequence is in the forefront recruiting manufacturing engineers.

We have been a leader recruiting and staffing manufacturing engineers because we know and understand this discipline and the important component it is in the construction, engineering and environmental industries.  Sequence is known as the premier executive recruiting and staffing firm committed to providing employment solutions for these major industries all over the world.

Manufacturing engineers plan, direct and coordinate elements of design, materials and manufacturing processes in industrial plants.  They work from the design for a product and develop processes for production, standards and quality control.

The may also analyze and plan work force utilization, space requirements, and workflow; develop step-by-step methods for making the products; design the layout of equipment and workspace for maximum efficiency; decide when and where to use robots, computer-aided design (CAD), and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM); recommend changes in the design of a product to make it easier or less costly to produce; confer with management on production capabilities, schedules, and problems; determine product specifications; arrange for purchase of equipment, materials, or parts and evaluate them according to specifications and quality standards; estimate production times and determine how many workers are required to meet production schedules; and even devise racks, bins, or other containers that protect parts and insure quality.

Finding you the right manufacturing engineer is job #1. 

Sequence has a long history working in the manufacturing engineering sector and has developed an expertise unlike any other in the executive recruiting and staffing industry.  We know and understand the technical and professional nuances of this field.  As a result, we have developed a team of highly experienced, skilled recruiters and staffing professionals with broad industry experience, and they know manufacturing engineering. 

This means our expansive industry network can go to work for you quickly because we know where to find the finest talent and how to obtain the best and the brightest manufacturing engineers for your organization. 

At Sequence, our recruiting philosophy, methodology and recruiting practices adhere to the highest standards in the industry.  It is why we are able to carefully screen and present only the most qualified manufacturing engineers who are readily available to make a difference in your organization. 

A trusting partner offering a full range of HR services.

Our recruiters and staffing experts can meet all of your personnel needs, from filling individual manufacturing engineer jobs to recruiting and staffing entire practice groups, for both small firms or for global engineering, construction and environmental corporations. 

We recruit and staff executive, management, administrative and field-level personnel for temporary and temporary-to-permanent manufacturing engineering jobs, and for direct-hire positions throughout the engineering sector worldwide.  We also offer short and long-term temporary contract placements, outplacement services, long-term recruiting in addition to contracting a full range of HR services. 

With such a diversity of applications, there is a nearly endless list of engineering sub-specialties with which Sequence has experience. Many of these specialties are vital to the clients we serve and require highly skilled expertise in planning, design and execution. 


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