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If you're an employer looking to hire an energy practice director, you can find excellent energy practice director candidates by contacting Sequence Staffing, the premier staffing and recruiting agency in the climate change and greenhouse gas management fields.

When you turn to Sequence as your executive search and staffing agency partner, we go to work helping you find the most skilled energy practice director candidates who can meet the specific needs of your organization. We combine our expansive network of industry contacts with our in-depth knowledge of the climate change field to find the best personnel for your organization.

We recognize the important role of energy practice directors, who serve as senior managers responsible for leading an energy practice's continued growth within the industry. These specialists are focused on providing environmental feasibility, impact assessment and mitigation and monitoring services for both renewable and conventional energy sector clients, including wind, solar, hydrokinetic, electrical and gas transmission, mining and oil and gas development.

Directors are responsible for identifying and capturing energy sales and for coordinating with key energy professionals to ensure efficient implementation of their energy business development strategy. This strategy includes identifying markets trends, key clients and pursuit priorities. Energy practice directors also are expected to market relevant services, such as energy efficiency and climate change programs, to utilities and other energy clients.

Make your executive search effort for an energy practice director more productive by contacting Sequence Staffing, the leading staffing and recruiting agency in the climate change, construction, engineering, environmental and light industrial fields.

Sequence is the leader in recruiting energy practice directors.

We are an experienced staffing agency, with more than 15 years as the leader in recruiting for energy practice director jobs and other positions in the core industries responsible for building and maintaining the earth's natural resources, environment and infrastructure.

As an executive search agency, we know how to solve staffing needs, from filling individual energy practice director jobs to recruiting and staffing entire practice groups, for small firms or global corporations.

Our recruiters are sure they can provide all your staffing services. Here's why:

  • We're committed to professionalism. Our recruiting philosophy, methodology, and practices match the industry's highest standards for a staffing agency. We always carefully screen and present only the most qualified energy practice director candidates.
  • We're connected. Our experienced recruiters have deep roots in the climate change industry and an extensive industry network. These advantages give us the inside track for finding the top talent to answer your staffing needs.
  • We're in contact with you throughout the recruitment process. Our recruiters begin by meeting with you to assess your business needs and to specify the job requirements and responsibilities. Our communication process helps clients like you come to see us as a trusted business partner and a valuable resource.
  • We close the deal. We assist you when you're ready to make an employment offer. Let Sequence help you avoid misunderstandings during this all-important last step in staffing.
Partner with Sequence for staffing services.

We provide a wide range of staffing and recruiting services and a variety of other personnel procedures tailored to the climate change sector and the needs of your organization.

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