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Stratigraphers can be considered geological detectives, doing deep investigations of layered rocks to understand the environment that formed them. They practice a science that provides the basis for historical geology and can be applied today in fields as varied as petroleum geology and archaeology. And among the early contributors to their science, stratigraphers can include artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, who speculated that fossils might have come from the remains of long-dead animals.

Stratigraphers primarily study sedimentary rocks, but they sometimes examine layered igneous rocks (those resulting from successive lava flows) or metamorphic rocks formed either from extrusive igneous material or sedimentary rocks. These scientists may also specialize in research areas, such as lithostratigraphy, which is the study and description of rock layers; biostratigraphy, the study of fossilized plants and animals to establish dates for stratigraphic layers; or chronostratigraphy, the study of the ages of rocks and what they reveal about geologic time.

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