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If your organization needs to hire a microbiologist, you can find first-rate microbiologist candidates by contacting Sequence Staffing, the foremost staffing and recruiting agency in the environmental field.

When you choose Sequence as your executive search and staffing agency partner, we go to work to find excellent microbiologist candidates who meet your job specifications. As recruiters, we use our knowledge of the environmental field and our industry contacts to locate the top talent for your job opening.

We are aware that microbiologists are specialists in a rapidly advancing science. They investigate the growth and characteristics of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, algae or fungi. Most microbiologists specialize in environmental, food, agricultural or industrial microbiology; virology, the study of viruses; immunology, the study of mechanisms that fight infections; or bioinformatics, the use of computers to handle or characterize biological information, usually at the molecular level. Many microbiologists use biotechnology to advance knowledge of cell reproduction and human disease.

Microbiologists study unicellular or cell-cluster microscopic organisms. This includes eukaryotes such as fungi, protists such as algae, and prokaryotes, which are bacteria and archaea. Viruses, though not strictly classed as living organisms, are also studied. In short, microbiologists study life and organisms that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Their science includes mycology and parasitology. It is estimated that only about 1 percent of all the microbe species on earth have been identified and studied.

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  • We're in contact with you throughout the recruiting process. Our executive recruiters begin by asking about your business needs and the job requirements. Our emphasis on communication helps clients like you think of us as a trusted business partner and a resource.
  • We close the deal. We lend a hand when you're ready to make a job offer. With Sequence as your staffing partner, you can ensure clear communication during this final step in staffing.
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We offer an array of staffing and recruiting services, as well as HR functions, tailored to the environmental sector and the personnel needs of your organization.

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